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#BagsOfHope: An inspirational response across our city and county

22 Dec 2021

Our Community Development team is committed to developing partnerships between community, business and public sector so nobody is left behind. As we entered the Christmas period, we knew lots of families and individuals were facing a very tough time, which was made even worse by the omicron variant of Covid 19 surging across our city and county.

So, our #BagsOfHope campaign was a much needed and timely response, that sought to offer support to those in danger of being left behind.

“The response has been amazing, 27 local businesses, councils and universities donated 1177 bags, worth £17,655, which were distributed to people in need via a network of 44 community groups across our city and county. A brilliant example of people working together for the good of the community.”

Neetu Squire, Head of Community Development, Leicestershire Cares

This simple but effective initiative has been a real boost to many people, who were having to deal with a wide range of issues and has helped turn despair into hope.

“It was lovely to get a bag of essentials and some treats but what I really liked was the fact that people I have never met have offered me support, and it was that which gave me a real boost.”

Young mum living in a hostel

“It is great to be able to step up and support the community, it’s not only good for the communities we support but a real boost for our team morale.”


“It is great to partner with Leicestershire Cares and to see what can be achieved, when business, community and public sector work together. These bags will give much needed help and support to women fleeing domestic violence.”

Zinthiya Trust

As we move into 2022, we are keen to build on these partnerships and good will. Our goal is to encourage, enable and support far more partnership working across, community, business and public sector. In April we will be launching our “Power to Change” project, thanks to the generous support of the National Lottery Community Foundation.

“Power to Change is built on the belief that many of the issues facing young people and communities in danger of being left behind are complex and best tackled by creative and agile partnerships across community, business and public sector. Where the voice and lived experience of those being left behind is encouraged to set and drive the agenda.”

Kieran Breen, CEO, Leicestershire Cares

Read more about Power to Change.

If you would like to discuss our Community Development work, contact Neetu Squire at