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Annual Awards Ceremony | Outstanding Contribution to #BagsOfHope Campaign

23 Sep 2022

Last year, the Community Development Team were able to deliver 1,177 bags of seasonal treats to underprivileged children, families, and community groups across the city and county through our #BagsOfHope Campaign.

We cannot thank our business members enough for your amazing contributions to this campaign that we run every year. We appreciate everyone's efforts, no matter how big or small, to making a positive difference to people's lives during the holiday period.

I cannot thank Francesca enough for the hard work and dedication that she puts into our #BagsOfHope Campaign. Not only does she contribute a great number of bags, but she ensures every single one is filled with items of a high value, which is very much appreciated by the children and families who receive them.

Neetu Squire, Head of Community Development

However, we would like to extend a special thank you to Francesca Summers at Sytner Group, who was presented the award for Outstanding Contribution to the #BagsOfHope Campaign at our Annual Awards Ceremony. The award was given in recognition of the time, effort, and generosity Francesca gave to the campaign every step of the way. Thank you Francesca!

We would also like to thank our finalists for this award, who all made a terrific effort to support the #BagsOfHope Campaign:

  • Ian Mallabone and Deana White at Nylacast Ltd
  • Jennie Hailes at Everards Brewery Ltd
  • Jessica Newton at Alltruck plc
  • Carla Loughrey at Hinckley & Rugby Building Society (HRBS)


For more information about getting involved in our Community Development Work please contact:


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