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Leaving Care Parents Support Group Trip to Mablethorpe

27 Oct 2023

In May the Powering Up Project enrolled on to a learning programme with our funders Esmee Fairburn and one of their partners Catch 22. The learning programme was developed to support local authorities and the voluntary sector to embed relational practices across their services. Our aim from the programme was to improve the way we work with care experienced parents.

Been a lovely day I enjoyed taking my son to the beach. He loved it and me


After embarking on the learning programme, we reached out to staff in leaving care teams across Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland. We had previously established relationships with the leaving care team at Leicestershire County Council and it was great to hear about the positive work they were already doing supporting care experienced parents. The team already had an active group in place that came together bimonthly and we started discussions to see how we could engage further young people but also enrich the brilliant work Joanne Wells and Emma Jayne Coleman were already doing.

Really good day. Glad I came despite the weather. Thank you so much for the invite and opportunity


Following our initial discussion we attended a parents group in July with one of our participants who herself was a care experienced parent and met some of the other parents and children who regularly attended the group. During conversation parents identified that it is often difficult to get away due to a range of barriers whether that be down to a lack family support or financial restraints. Due to our developing relationship with Leicestershire County Council leaving care group, and our relationship with the business sector across Leicester and Leicestershire we were able to identify an opportunity to access some additional funding. Our idea was that this funding would support activities aimed at improving outcomes for care experienced parent's and their children. A big thank you goes to the team at Hastings Direct and in particular Kieran Chand who was keen to support the initiative.

Today I've enjoyed getting out having fun and making new friends . Having a day out gave me a bit of freedom from being stuck in


Although we were let down by the weather it was a brilliant day that gave staff and young people the opportunity to connect. It was great to see the young people getting to know each other and making friends. Our relationship with the leaving care team has grown even stronger and we will continue to work together to provide more opportunities for care experienced parents and their children alongside the team at Leicestershire County Council.

A big thank you too Joanne Wells and Emma Jayne Coleman - They're amazing!

The day was fun and everyone was friendly and lovely. Twin lakes would be fun for another trip.