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if_jee-66_2180674Created with Sketch. Festive Challenges

As always, our Festive Challenges program, seeks to help out some of those groups who would miss out on presents, feel isolated, disenfranchised, or generally feel low.

Festive Challenges are open to member firms only and are a designed to be fun but purposeful, extra event for a smaller volunteering team. As you can see from the photos taken last year, firms who get involved really get the festive spirit and help spread good deeds through the local community.

Each year, the volunteer teams wrap presents for those children at risk of not receiving anything, decorate communal areas for those who are physically unable to do so, host a festive lunch for those who live in vulnerable housing or who are isolated due to their rural location, you put on parties for children displaced from their countries or a BBQ for adults with various disabilities who find it difficult to socialise easily

It’s you and your Companies who help make the festive season better for others in your community and we love to help you make that happen.

Please email to sign up for a festive challenge.