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YES Project World of Work Tour

7 Jan 2022

Towards the end 2021 we resumed our popular World of work tours with a visit to Everyone Active in Wigston where Georgina Croft opened the doors to the leisure centre she is managing to our young people.

Nikesh Prajapati from the sales department led the tour of the centre for our participants and gave an outline of all the roles available in the centre – from Management to lifeguards and in-house electricians. After the tour itself we got to hear from members of different departments on what their role is, what was their employment journey, what they love about their individual jobs and the challenges they face.

The journeys were as diverse as the roles, from personal trainers who had a college degree in sport and fitness and continued to learn and work to get to the job they wanted to personal trainers who dropped out of school but made their way into a role they love by taking every opportunity to get qualifications and working hard to prove themselves. We also learned that sometimes it`s important to take a risk and not remain stuck in a job that doesn`t make sense anymore and to always persevere to get where we want.

It was interesting, the advice they’ve given us and learning why they chose the industry whether it was retail, fitness or lifeguarding was inspiring.

YES Participant

The sales team prepared a personality test that we all took, where they showed us what helps them identify how to approach potential customers based on their personality. They told us about what kind of person is best suited in a sales role and how the most important aspect is being able to talk to people in a way that helps create a connection and build trust. The mail challenge of being in sales is having to reach monthly targets no matter the circumstances.

The shared goal of the team and what seem to motivate everyone working in the fitness industry is the fact that they get to help people reach their goals to become healthier and more confident.

Personally, the fact they mentioned the electrician was really helpful. It gave me a lot to think and was eye opening. Nikesh was very informative and great to talk to. When all the team spoke at the end that was good.

YES Participant

The young people on the project were inspired even though the majority never considered that a leisure centre could be a potential workplace. The participants were able to see the potential and the benefits in expanding your horizons when you search for jobs and that sometimes you can find it in a very unexpected place.

I thought it was really helpful to show young people a different side of the leisure industry and what opportunities there are for them… The tour was really well organised and I thought this is something we should be involved in on a regular basis.

Georgina Crofts – General Manager Everyone Active Wigston

We'd like to say a big thank you to the team at Everyone Active for sharing their workplace and experiences with our young people!

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