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YES Project Quarter Successes

16 Nov 2021

In Q1, the YES Project team continued to support NEET YP into education, employment and training outcomes by working creatively and collaboratively with their partners and business volunteers. As we move forward towards the end of the year and beyond, the YES team are planning more face-to-face engagement with participants by means of employability workshops and also plan to utilise our business member contacts to deliver World of Work Tours once again

This quarter we recruited a new YES Project Development Officer who started in August and has already made a positive impact on the project, taking on her own caseload and part of the recruitment process included an interview panel made up of our very own YES Participants.

Young people helping to shape our workforce | Leicestershire Cares

A new member of staff in the YES team meant that we were able to tackle and reach the bottom of the YES Participant waiting list which has boosted sign up numbers and allowed scope for more outreach work to be done in the coming quarter.

The YES team continued to build external relationships including with the brand new Youth Hub JCP at Pegasus House with plans of working collaboratively in Q2 and beyond.

Q1 finally saw the reintroduction of Get Stuff Done in the Leicestershire Cares Office which allowed us to reengage some participants as well as get a cohort of new YP coming into the office, giving more scope to plan more employability workshops.

YES Participants continued to access our functional skills offer including one young person completely finishing the course and gaining their qualifications.

The YES Steering Group, supported by our business volunteers, continued with positive discussions regarding the potential to deliver a mentoring programme as well as different ways we could work together to boost YES participants employability skills.

Plans for Q2 and beyond include world of work tours, Speedy Speakers and themed Get Stuff Done sessions including CV clinic’s and job search and apply workshop

Amazing that was the happiest I have been in a long time and everyone was just really nice

YES Project Participant

Yes it’s good to be busy again it makes me happier and sleep better

YES Project Participant