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YES Project Q3 Success Update

29 Apr 2022

being on YES Project has been a great experience and has helped me develop new skills

YES Participant

The YES Project team continued to support NEET YP in education, employment and training outcomes by working creatively and collaboratively with their partners and business volunteers.


  • The launch of the Get Ahead employability programme, adding structure to employability sessions and enabling more business member involvement
  • Pilot programme in partnership with ‘The Way of The Horse’ launched with young people attending sessions to participate in improving wellbeing and personal development using equine-facilitated methods
  • World of Work Tour delivered at Everards Meadows with more tours booked in for the year
  • Improved attendance at Get Stuff Done sessions with young people applying for roles and achieving interviews, helped by Get Ahead programme
  • YES Participant receiving some peer mentoring from a volunteer, sharing knowledge, experience and expertise to inspire the young person into different roles
  • Business member involvement as part of Get Ahead in the nature of Careers talks, mock interviews and how to behave in the workplace