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The Wonderful World of Work! Two brilliant work tours hosted by Thermo Fisher Scientific for students with SEND

5 Jul 2023

Thermo Fisher Scientific hosted two wonderful work tours for students on the We Discover project from Millgate School in May and Sense College in June. Organised by Tina Siena-Tomlinson, and Warehouse Manager, Jason Hill, and supported by several staff, the students were given an excellent experience of a workplace.

Jason, Tina and staff were very welcoming to the students and school staff. Jason talked about Thermo Fisher, their ethos, aims and culture. He showed two videos that highlighted their work around the world. He finished by showing an excellent video made with the staff to show the different stages a scientific product goes through, from being ordered online, to being picked and packed in the warehouse, ready for next-day delivery and all the people and their different roles involved in the process.

The students were then split into groups and given an informative guided tour around the warehouse.

We discovered:

"How Thermo Fisher’s warehouse works."

"How to pack and ship scientific products."

"That it takes a lot of patience to work in a warehouse."

“3000 orders a day, supplies to whole of the world. Great!”

Student participants from Millgate School

With the opportunity to ask lots of questions of the friendly, helpful guides, the students learnt about the history of the company, how products are labelled and coded, how they’re retrieved from the huge warehouse, and packed ready for the delivery vehicles. They also learnt that many of the staff like it so much that they have worked there for many years!

After the tours, they returned to the meeting room for refreshments and the chance to ask any last-minute questions to Jason and staff.

We discovered:

"How science kit is sold to industries."

"To make sure products get delivered to customers is a long and thought-out process and everyone who takes part likes it."

"Thermo Fisher Scientific is not only established in the UK but they also help out internationally by using their delivery and teamwork skills."

Sense College student comments

We would like to say a massive thank you to our wonderful member business, Thermo Fisher Scientific, in particular to Tina, Jason and all the staff who helped to organise and host these two brilliant tours which were thoroughly enjoyed by all students and school staff.

Thank you to all your staff for taking time out of their jobs to speak to our students & tell them about your company and what they do. Everyone was really friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you for your time and hospitality.

Gina Hufford, Staff Sense College

Information on the We Discover project

Working in partnership with the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership Careers Hub, We Discover project supports students in key transition years at Special Educational Needs and Disability schools in Leicester and Leicestershire. Funded by the Careers and Enterprise Company’s Effective Transitions Fund, the aim of We Discover is to deliver tailored careers interventions to students in order for them to make successful post-16 transitions.

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