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What we like about working for Leicestershire cares

6 Jul 2022

As our financial year came to an end our team gathered for our annual review and reflection on the lessons arising from our work. At the end of our session each team member shared thoughts on what they liked about working for Leicestershire cares or what they felt most proud about:

  • Winning extension funding for our projects so we can support more young people and community groups.
  • The people are all great I love working here.
  • Enjoy and appreciate working with diverse communities.
  • All the great work.
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Smooth transitions out of yoyo lockdowns
  • Being creative, being able to run with ideas and making a difference.
  • Seeing projects move on, being solution focussed and everyone willing to help.
  • Supportive team.
  • Being a DO is privilege you really get to make a difference.
  • Offering opportunities to hard to reach YP.
  • Knowing team is supportive, being able to help YP and working in my city.
  • Winning funding to continue and develop our work.
  • Being agile and team being friendly and supportive.
  • Resilience of the work
  • Staff so friendly and knowing we have created a safe and happy place for YP to grow and develop
  • The way we have developed our work on diversity and inclusion from training to practical action with so many community groups.

As a team we have had to deal with a lot of challenges over the last year and it is to everyone’s credit that not only have we done that , but we have done it in a way where the team feels supported and where work is a nice place to come, #TogetherWeCan

Kieran Breen CEO Leicestershire Cares