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Welcome to our new SEND officer - Annie

8 Sep 2023

Leicestershire Cares are pleased to introduce Annie Britton, our new Project Development Officer.

Annie will be leading on "Altogether Now" , a project funded by The Henry Smith Charity.

The project aims to work with young people who have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) who are aged 15-24 and live in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Annie will be out and about delivering 1-1 support in the community as well as work in SEND schools and groups. Young people can benefit from a range of interventions such as confidence building, digital skills, employability and social skills. they will be encouraged to join in our creative and multimedia groups which can help build new relationships and make friends.

The project will also aim to connect businesses and their associated volunteers with young people who would benefit from their support and we welcome any volunteers who have a particular interest in working with SEND young people.

If you would like to refer someone or are a young person who would like to chat with Annie about getting support please email her directly :

I am really looking forward to working with our local SEND young people, helping them to develop skills and attributes that will enable them to live productive and self-fulfilling lives. I am also eager to meet the business and community partners who will support that progress both during the life of the project and beyond.

Annie Britton - Altogether Now Project Development Officer