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Voter Photo ID

24 Mar 2023

At Leicestershire Cares we strongly believe people, young and old, should play an active role in the development of their communities. Which is why we are strongly promoting the new legal requirements for people to have Photo ID, when they go to vote in the upcoming May elections.

We have been distributing flyers to community partners and young people and using our social media channels to raise awareness. Research is suggesting that younger and older people, most likely to be affected by this, so it is vital, that people are supported to understand the requirement and to ensure they have the necessary Photo ID.

Whilst it might seem a simple requirement, lots of people we work with do not have Photo ID, so we are keen to support them, getting their free Photo ID, so they can exercise their right to vote

Kieran Breen CEO Leicestershire Cares

For more information on what counts as PhotoID and how to obtain free PhotoID check out