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Update on our green partnership for tackling the digital divide

23 Sep 2022

It was wonderful to have Sangeeta Patel from Moneywise Plus attend our annual celebration and share with us the progress made in our partnership to tackle the digital divide. Sangeeta shared ,how Leicestershire Cares business partners had donated unwanted IT equipment such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones. Moneywise plus, had wiped them clean, upgraded them and given them to job seekers with free data, so they are able to access and participate in the digital world, which often is now the main way to find out about and apply for jobs.

Every computer you have donated has made a real difference to a real person and for some it has been life changing

Sangeeta Patel - Moneywise Plus

Sangeeta shared quotes from people who had received a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

I received a laptop and sim card from the project, which has given me a new perspective on my life. I can contact someone wherever I am, whenever I want.
I have enrolled onto an online cyber security course and hope to have a career in IT. None of this would have been possible without access to the internet


Dale now has ambitions to go to university and find a career in computer security

Sangeeta Patel - Moneywise Plus

Both the laptop and internet data were instrumental in me being able to complete my course online. I have also been able to use it for Zoom sessions with 'In her strength women support group'. I have learnt that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. When things were bad for me, I never thought that a few months later I would have been completing a course to pursue my dream or that I would have managed to get my own property –with help from Moneywise Plus. I feel lucky. I started to find that people did believe in me and this helped me to believe in myself


Sirri now has the stability she wanted for her daughter and used the laptop to attend maths functional
skills course online.

Sangeeta Patel - Moneywise Plus

After her update, Sangeeta presented an award to Alltruck, in recognition of their contribution to our work on tackling the digital divide.

We continue to work in partnership with Moneywise Plus and encourage all our business partners and volunteers to donate their unwanted IT equipment to them , a simple and green way to tackle the digital divide.

For more information on Moneywise Plus