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Tracy Renshaw Samworth Brothers our Champions Champion

4 Jul 2022

We were delighted to present Tracy Renshaw of Samworth Brothers with our champions champion award at our June champions meeting.

Tracy has been great at encouraging her colleagues to support our work and has also shown time and time again, she is willing to go that extra mile be it organising work tours, overseeing a bags of hope collection or carrying out 19 mock interviews in one day

Kieran Breen CEO Leicestershire Cares

We have a long relationship with Samworth Brothers and Tracy has been brilliant at ensuring our relationship stays positive and active. Our staff really appreciated her professional can do ,kind and creative attitude.

This award is really for all my colleagues who put the hard work in .It really is pleasure to be able to partner with Leicestershire cares to support young people and community groups and I look forward to continuing our partnership

Tracy Renshaw Samworth Brothers