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Teamwork, Reflection and Learning

1 Feb 2023

It was great to have the whole team meet for a morning on Tuesday 31st January to share and reflect on our learning from the last quarter.

Lots of impressive work had been developed and delivered, with impressive achievements across the team. However, we noted there were some common challenges:

“Many of the young people we work with are affected by adverse community and childhood experiences. This means they often have a complex array of issues, that they are dealing with and it can mean their participation in projects can be erratic. Which is why our #PowerToChange model is so effective, as it allows for the fact that young people will often not develop in neat linear way but “yoyo” in and out various phases as they can to terms with understanding and dealing with the issues they face”

“Post lockdown many businesses are operating on hybrid working , and also facing challenges with recruitment, supply chains and the economic uncertainty that war in Ukraine and subsequent spike in fuel prices has caused. So, we are having to be far more creative and agile, to develop ways they can volunteer and support our work, whilst dealing with these new realities”

The team also discussed our “Brand” and what it meant to “live and breath “ our values. They greatly appreciated the support Rock, Kitchen and Harris, have been giving us on our “Branding” and are looking forward to further developing how we communicate our work to our partners.

At the end of the meeting we asked staff to share what had been positive about the meeting.

  • Discussing Branding in an open and honest way.
  • Love hearing about all the great work.
  • Presentations show how much scope there is to collaborate.
  • Development in team knowledge and skills as we progress.
  • Celebrating success.
  • Interesting to see how we can co work.
  • Nice to see success and positive impact of our work.
  • Liked getting info on the context of our work.
  • Good to hear about member engagement.
  • All the ideas and possibilities for future development.
  • Hearing about challenges, priorities, and way forward.
  • Learning what everyone does.
  • The positive team vibe and all the great work we have developed and delivered.

"It really is important for the team to get together to drill down on our learning, so we are not only sharing KPI updates, but pulling out the learning and seeing how changes in context present new opportunities and challenges, that we can adapt to. It is also good to spend time together and to see how lovely and supportive our colleagues are”

“It is great to see how our #PowerToChange approach is really starting to take off, lots of great examples of creative partnerships being developed, community partners and young people being supported and also enabled to share their issues and concerns with key decision makers”

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