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Team building trip to Beaumanor Hall

23 Mar 2022

Loved it, everything was great

Young person

The VIP Project incorporates Leicestershire Cares Power to change model: Power within, Power with, and Power to in its delivery to ensure that nobody is left behind, and all children and young people are supported to reach their full potential.

Out trip to Beaumanor Hall was a collaboration between the VIP Team, the YES team and the Leaving Care team. My colleagues, Jenny, Catalina and Jacob made this trip a huge success.

Team Building

The day started off with a series of team building exercises. The young people were split into two groups and then they were required to build a tower and a bridge to cross over a puddle of water. Whilst both groups were building their structures, they were required to communicate with each other. Some team members naturally stepped into a leadership role, taking responsibility for directing the project and soliciting the input of team members. This activity highlighted the importance of collaboration and teamwork.

It was a lot of fun, everyone was energetic and there was a lot of team work

Young person


Once they had concluded their structures, participants were required to climb the tower and walk across the bridge they had built. It was interesting to note that although the bridge started to collapse in the middle, the participants were careful not to cast blame at anyone. This united front carried on through out the day as they engaged in an obstacle course that took them through the woods.

During the obstacle course, the participants were blind folded and as they navigated their way through the obstacles, they had to rely on each other. This activity required effective communication, trust, and initiative. The young people thoroughly enjoyed the activity and they participated enthusiastically.

Every living thing requires sleep... I liked the instructor

Young person


After lunch, the young people got involved in the final activity of the day which was archery. The instructors showed us how to utilize the equipment and showed us the safest way to retrieve the arrows. The young people were required to contribute their ideas to choosing a name for their team. They kept record of their scores, encouraged their teammates and got involved in communicating with the various instructors.

The archery activity showed that to hit a set target, you have to create a strategy. On the VIP Project, we help you identify your target, and then we equip you with the skills to help you reach your goal.

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