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Spill the tea...

17 Jul 2023

Let me spill the tea on the tea at Leicestershire Cares...we have just made a really easy switch to Clipper tea as it is a Fairtrade product and all the packaging is fully recyclable (please note that other Fairtrade teas are available, and this is in no way an advert!). Before we made the switch we did a price comparison and found that there really wasn't much of a difference in cost, but the choices we make undoubtably make an impact on our environment.

Tea is the world’s most popular drink (after water), with about 70,000 cups drunk every second, and it really makes a difference when you make it Fairtrade. Read this article on the Fairtrade website for more information on why your should choose Fairtrade tea yourself Tea - (

In many origins, tea production has roots in the colonial era, with only gradual improvements ever since. It’s time to pick up the pace of reform, and ensure that farmers and workers earn a dignified living from this immensely popular product. When you choose Fairtrade tea, not only do you get a delicious drink, but you also support farmers and workers to push for necessary change in the industry.

Environmental protection is ingrained in Fairtrade. To sell Fairtrade products, farmers have to improve soil and water quality, manage pests, avoid using harmful chemicals, manage waste, reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and protect biodiversity.

We have also made a swap to Fairtrade coffee, and making simple changes like this can make a difference - it empowers the farmers to confront serious issues like the effects of climate change. and guess what, it tastes just the same!

To read more about Fairtrade and the environment, have a read of this article Environment - (