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Proud to be part of the Esmee Fairbairn family

13 Dec 2021

Leicestershire Cares is one of 37 organisations funded through Esmee’s Young People Leaving Care funding, and feature as a case study in their Esmee’s Learning Programme Insight Report 2021.

Our case study focuses in on how we have developed our work influencing the sector and how working with Esmee, has given us a chance to present our work at a national level.

Read the Esmee’s Learning Programme Insight Report 2021

Our case study hights three main benefits of receiving funding from Esmee:

  • Being given the time to reflect on our work
  • Having a role in campaigning for lasting change which has also helped attract new donors
  • The space to build lasting relationships with young people.

In 2017, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation launched their Young People Leaving Care funding, open to voluntary sector organisations who are working to support care leavers. Shortly afterwards, they commissioned a Learning Programme to facilitate learning, collaboration and alliances between the funded organisations, and with Esmée ourselves.

Esmée believes that more can be done across the UK to reduce the risk of young people falling off a ‘cliff edge’ of support when they leave care. Recognising that the care leaver system is complex, our Young People Leaving Care funding has focused on supporting organisations that work to ensure every young person flourishes as an adult, and on working with others to shift the system more widely.

The areas that organisations are working on include the creative arts; accommodation; advocacy (for care leavers’ rights); influencing better quality statutory provision and practice; employment and life skills support; legal advice; immigration aid; and projects that help develop and sustain healthy relationships, and improved mental and emotional wellbeing.

Our work with care experienced young people

For more information about our work with care experienced young people, please contact Jacob Brown:

With thanks to Esmee Fairbairn for their support for our Care Experienced Young People's Programme.