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Project Pony A Leicestershire Cares and The Way Of The Horse Partnership.

2 Mar 2022

This week our young people on the Yes and Powering up projects embarked on a 12-week journey with TWOTH, a programme of wellbeing

support and personal development using equine-facilitated methods.

Project Pony is designed so that participants will be able to self-manage their mental health and emotions through the tools they learn and increase their confidence to move forward in life and access education, training, or employment.

During the programme, people are offered the chance to participate in reflective and confidence-building equine activities. These are designed to provide people with the tools to manage any symptoms of anxiety and depression and to become more resilient. Participants will interact with our animals, many of whom have been rescued, sharing their journey with them. The sessions teach individuals about being present in each moment, analysing sensory experiences, emotional agility and understanding horse body language which provides a reflection of their own emotional state.

This project is a great add-on to our YES employability programme and it`s a fantastic example of how our Powering Up model enables up to partner up with organisations and businesses that facilitate and improve the holistic support we offer our young people

Helping these young adults build life-changing skills bought a smile to all of our faces. Some of these young people have had the most challenging beginnings and we are lucky enough to be supporting them. They were the most humble, appreciative young people who were so eager to learn and grow.

CEO Dina Shale The Way Of The Horse