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Power to change project Q1 report

26 Oct 2023

Over the past three months, our team has been focused on developing new initiatives in the community. We have been assisting new grassroots youth clubs by helping them with vital paperwork and offering workshops in employability and digital media. These workshops cover various topics such as Photography, Film, Podcasting, and Music, as well as CVs, Job searches, and apprenticeship searches. In this quarter alone, we have achieved 62 visits from service users. Additionally, our Community Development team managed to obtain two laptops for this Youth club, with the help of Reaching People. This will allow service users to have access to online services, complete their homework, conduct job searches, write CVs, and connect with the wider world through the internet

In addition to the services that are already available, we have initiated an outreach collaboration project with PACE in Loughborough to engage with young people who are not currently accessing these services. The project aims to directly engage with them on the streets, offering mentoring, advice, drinks, and snacks, in order to find out what their needs and goals are. We will then redirect them to relevant services where more focused work can be done. At the request of young people, we will now be offering music and video sessions at the PACE HQ. In the first quarter, the Pace and Power to Change project team achieved 48 visits out of a target of two.

The Power to Change project - a digital media workshop has been running weekly offering young people access to digital arts in Photography, Film, Podcasting, and music, but allowing them to experience all these elements as well leaning how to operate the equipment. We have used these sessions to address a large range of topics and issues from day-to-day issues to childhood traumas.

The Power to Change project has run 11 digital media sessions, with 56 visits achieved by service users, with many more sessions being planned.

I have learnt quite a few things and how to use the equipment. I'm confident to do my own podcast now. It's all thanks to Aaron. He's taught me how to communicate better with people.

Young participant