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Power To Change Project shutdowns Africa fest 2024

18 Jun 2024

Saturday 8th of June marked the day that Africa fest came to Leicester and the Power to change project participants were invited to get involved and display all the talents and skills that have acquired from attending our sessions.

Firstly we had our home grown artist Dah Gee Starz (SU) perfoming his new tracks to the good people of Leicester putting on an energetic show with support on stage from another participant BM helping out with the backing and and droping some incredible dance moves, enertaining us all. Africa fest 2024 was a great vibe for the city but for also our young participants to display the confidence and skill they have learnt, such as WR who really got invoved by way of co hosting the event, and TH who is our resident Tik Toker who was out in force doing interviews, and finally SM who is someone who has learnt how to use a DSLR camera and who is on their way to becoming a photograhter, taking pictures on the day and has captured the day perfectly.

To say the Africa fest was successful is an understatment, we had great weather, surrounded by great people and the vibe was high, there was also some great stalls with some great cultural food, plus some amazing book stalls plus lots more, but to top of a great day our own CEO Kieran Breen got on stage to give some amazing words of encouragement.

Africa fest 10/10 and we can't wait for next months showcase at the Peace and Love festival


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