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The Power to Change Project Q3 report

17 Apr 2024

This quarter the Power to Change Project Content Creator workshops have delivered 17 sessions that range from music production to podcasting with a range of guest speakers. These include Leicestershire police talking about life in the force and an events organiser who oversees two summer festivals in the city centre of Leicester. As a direct result, the Content Creator group, known as LFR (Loyalty, Friendship, Respect), will be covering all of the media job for both festivals in June & July (Peace & Love festival and Africa fest). In addition we are excited to announce that one of the attendees will be performing his own music at both events.

As part of their ongoing development, LFR have also created their own Youtube platform and branding and have began to work with a city centre based sweet shop (Scrumtiousss) creating their media content. The group have been encouraged to become young ambassadors for the Power to Change project, volunteering their time at a pop up hub in the Highcross Shopping Centre during the half term break. We have also linked up in partnership with PACE in Loughborough, attending and performing at their recent Energise concert for young people. As means of preparation for this, we would like to thank Stackhouse Studio for the use of their equipment and time. We hope this will become a beneficial and worth-while collaboration in the future.

LRF have successfully come together as a group working together to achieve goals, each learning different skills to enhance the groups’ ability to function as a team to create many different types of content. Using the digital arts to engage young people Leicestershire Cares have helped boost individuals self-esteem, confidence, and self-belief.

Away from LRF, our Youth Community Development Officer has been meeting with young people from residential homes on a 1:1 basis. During these sessions it became apparent that the participants had exceptionally low self-confidence which, among other things, was hindering their progression into voluntary and paid employment. The majority of the young people showed a keen interest in photography, which has been encouraged and after teaching them the basic skills and techniques, we have been able to unlock confidence and self-belief. This guidance, supervision and care has resulted in an individual now volunteering on a regular basis at Sound Cafe, delivering intergenerational digital media sessions along side our staff members.

I was so scared before I delivered the anxiety was in overdrive but I was reminded of all the things we had learnt and that support was right by my side every step of the way, I had a great session and it was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done, cant wait to do it again, well chuffed

Young Participant

As previously mentioned Leicestershire Cares were asked in February to work alongside other community groups, to collaborated with the Highcross Shopping Centre to set up and facilitate a pop hub to help tackle Anti-Social Behaviour within and around the shopping centre. With the support of our The Altogether Project here at Leicestershire Cares and a small team took over a range of digital equipment from podcasting to music production. They engaged with over 30 young people, highlighting the work we do, and signposting them to other relevant organisations. Following our day the feedback we received was amazing with the security team reporting an almost 100% decrease in reportable ASB.

Looking forward, we are excited about doing further outreach work with PACE, aiming to set up a Content Creator group in Loughborough. We will also be working with many individuals to promote self-esteem, mental well-being and positive thinking. Developing existing collaborations with Sound Cafe, Golden Token, Haymarket Shopping Centre and residential settings is always a priority.