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Power to Change: LFR Content Creators

1 Feb 2024

We took a short break over Christmas and started a new group on January 11th. We combined two previous groups into one and named it the Content Creator session. We invited young people who had attended our previous Digital Media Group and Haymarket Youth Hub sessions to join this new group. The aim of this group is to allow young people to become their own content creators by using all the knowledge they have gained from previous sessions, with our guidance and support. The first session began on January 11th, 2024, and the group quickly got to work, planning their session and deciding on how they would like it to be.

They quickly realised the need for group rules, not only for themselves but also for the content they would create. They decided on a name for their content creator group: LFR Content Creators (Love, Friendship, and Respect). They assigned each member a role that best utilised their strengths, such as camera person, producer, director, editor, etc. After that, they made a list of topics they wanted to discuss and address, as well as the first three episodes of their podcast series.

After completing the first part of the planning session, where everyone was assigned their roles, we divided ourselves into groups. Some of us continued planning the session, while others started creating a logo and banner for the LFR Content creator group's YouTube channel and social media pages. At the same time, a few of us began recording the group's next song, featuring our very own rapper DGS, and brainstorming ideas for the upcoming music video. We also started writing the lyrics for a commissioned piece that will be performed at the Dialogue Society's Ramadan Mubarak event in March 2024. The theme of the song will revolve around unity and peace.

In just two weeks, the group successfully created their first filmed podcast about relationships. They efficiently stuck to their roles and delivered a one-hour episode discussing their own experiences. By the third week, they were able to finalise the podcast's logo, banners, and other necessary details without wasting any time. The group has shown excellent teamwork skills and successfully planned and delivered their podcast from start to finish, gaining confidence in their abilities every week. Leicestershire Cares is extremely proud of what these young individuals have accomplished so far and is looking forward to seeing what they produce next.