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Over the last 3 months the community development team have newly recruited a youth homelessness and benefits adviser.

17 Jul 2023

We have been speaking to community groups and youth groups throughout the city to see where the support could be given to those in need. We are working closely alongside with Wesley hall, Freedom project, SOCOPA and Park lodge.

We provide different levels of support at these clinics that we have running, we can help with advice on housing queries, benefit advice and general house support.

The youth homelessness and benefits advisor is also networking and finding out where the local community groups are and where the support is needed so drop in clinics could possibly be set up there.

Over the next year the community development team intend to continue to support communities in the city along with the county. This support will help the youth who are rough sleeping and accommodate them into safe housing.

To learn more about how we can help please click the link below

If you know anyone that could use our support please contact our homelessness officer on -