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Power to Change Project

18 Sep 2023

In June 2023 MS Joined the Power to Change project not really knowing what she wanted to achieve out of life and was not sure which direction life was heading. She did, however, have a desire to work and to build better family relationships.

During the sessions, MS actively engaged in goal setting, identified areas for personal growth, including anxiety, and revealed that her mum worked long hours and drank quite heavily, putting a huge strain on their relationship.

Our Youth Development Officer quickly identified that for her to gain the independence she needed; employment would be essential. During several sessions, MS was encouraged and supported in writing a CV, and delivering it to potential businesses opportunities. As a shy individual, this was a daunting prospect, but with encouragement she successfully completed the task and was soon offered a part-time job.

She has now been working for around 8 weeks and is a much happier, stronger, determined young woman.

Recently, MS joined an organised trip to London. Although she was nervous about going, she fully emersed herself in the day and got involved in all the activities. This was a great achievement for her and shows how her self-confidence has grown.