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Make Your Search Engine Green

4 May 2023

Staff at Leicestershire Cares have changed their homepage and search engines to Ecosia - the search engine that plants trees - a really simple act you can do yourself easily. Ecosia works the same as any other search engine, only they use the income generated from ads for planting trees. So far they have over 20 million users and have planted an amazing 173 million tress. They plant trees all around the world, and support projects that plant alternatives to palm oil in Indonisia Ecosia's trees in Indonesia, save chimpanzees in Uganda Your trees in Uganda ( and work on re-greening the dessert in Burkina Faso Ecosia's trees in Burkina Faso.

Widespread palm oil plantations across Indonesia illustrate the environmental degradation of a once vivid ecosystem. 25% of Indonesia’s rainforests have been replaced by vast palm oil plantations, pushing out wildlife and endangering the livelihoods of farming communities. With your help, we are restoring forests on former plantations to create alternative sources of income.

There’s hardly a place more vulnerable to climate change than northern Burkina Faso and southern Mali. Planting trees here restores desertified land to its former fertility, curbs violent conflict by creating employment, improves nutrition through agroforestry, and encourages communities to take charge of their future.

It couldn't be easier to support this project - and it's free too! Ecosia - the search engine that plants trees