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Leicestershire Police Mental Health Awareness workshop

22 Aug 2023

On Friday 11th August Leicestershire Cares hosted a mental health awareness seminar, ran by Leicestershire Police metal health team. Barney Thorne, Head of Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Lead for Leicestershire Police gave an interesting and insightful presentation to the group. Representatives from over 25 organisations from across Leicester and Leicestershire attended the session, which tackled key areas of mental health and how the police and community groups can work together to improve services and affect outcomes positively. Many difficult and sensitive topics were freely discussed, and suggestions were shared as to how systems and processes could be handled differently in the future to create a better working and active relationship between authorities and vulnerable members and groups within the local and extended community.

Everyone who attended agreed that it had been a very interesting, beneficial and educational morning and how encouraging it was to see so many different groups and representatives from different organisations, backgrounds and settings coming together.