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Leicestershire Cares Green Team Gardening Day

2 May 2024

With a commitment to environmental change, the Green Team embarked on a mission to revamp their outdoor space, fostering a more welcoming ambiance. Recognising the power of flora to uplift surroundings, we rallied the support of our young people to partake in the project.

Four enthusiastic young people joined, seizing the opportunity to engage in a fun filled activity, it helped to forge connections, and allowed them to step outside their comfort zones. Through collective effort, three exquisite flower planters emerged, enhancing the dull car park with a burst of colour and vitality.

Beyond the aesthetic enhancements, the initiative served as a platform for learning, as participants delved into the fundamentals of botany, igniting a newfound passion for horticulture from some. The Green Team also distributed individual pots, challenging both staff and attendees to plant their own sunflowers, igniting a friendly competition to see whose will reach the greatest heights.

Lifted by the success of the endeavour, the young participants expressed eagerness to further contribute to the creation of a green, inviting environment. As the sunflowers begin their journey skyward, the Leicestershire Cares community eagerly anticipates the blossoming of both flora in their rejuvenated office space.

For more information on our Green Team please contact

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