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LC May Newsletter 2022

19 May 2022

Dear Friends,

We have had a very busy and productive few months, which has seen us recruit eight new staff to work across our projects. Thanks to funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, Esmee Fairbairn and UK Nationwide, we have launched a range of projects that will help us deliver our ”Power to Change” approach. Throughout all of this, we have continued to link community, business, public sector, schools, and young people so nobody is left behind: Examples include

  • Supporting over 50 community groups across the city and county in a range of practical and skill-sharing ways. This has varied from over 1000 Easter eggs and food parcels being distributed to training and support on county lines, using social media, and linking business partners up with community groups to carry out practical DIY projects.
  • Continuing to support a wide variety of young people who are vulnerable and at-risk seeking to develop the connections, relationships, soft and hard skills that will enable them to get into education, training, or employment.
  • Providing emergency support to highly vulnerable young people and being able to signpost them to the support offered by our wide range of community partners.
  • Supporting a wide range of diverse women leaders in the community.
  • Working with business partners to develop their understanding of diverse groups across the city and county.
  • Providing thousands of young people with mock interviews and employability sessions delivered by business volunteers in schools across sour city and county.
  • Enabling care experienced young people to share their thoughts on how universal credit system could be improved with local and national politicians and supporting all our young people to “voice” their concerns and share their “lived experience” with key local and national decision-makers.
  • Staff continuing to share our reflections and learning with a wide range of national policy forums and think tanks.
  • Linking up with community media to raise local awareness of key issues
  • Partnering with MoneywisePlus to tackle the digital divide.

As always, our work is only possible because of the tremendous goodwill of our many partners across the community, business and public sector and the drive, determination, creativity and agility of our staff and young people. We hope you enjoy this newsletter, and we welcome your thoughts and reflections.

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Kieran Breen