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Last Project Pony – A collaboration with The Way Of the Horse

14 Dec 2022

The last session of Project Pony was marked by an ending ceremony. Young people worked on letting go, marking endings in their life and how to integrate the beginning that comes after an ending.

Over 20 young people enrolled in the wellbeing programme over 4 deliveries of the project. The young people worked through some of their trauma and anxiety triggers through relationships with family and themselves, healthy boundaries and learned many coping strategies.

We`ve had great success stories, from participants who went on to mentor other vulnerable young people to others successfully entering employment. Some participants got clarity about their direction in life, and some discovered a passion for animals but a common outcome for most people was feeling more confident and empowered.

I have enjoyed every moment of project pony. I have always loved horses, so having the opportunity to work with them has been a dream come true!

YES Project Participant

We hope to work with The Way of The Horse in the future, but in the meantime, we would like to extend our gratitude to Dina Shale and her team for delivering an amazing program that supported young people at a time where mental health services had a 6-month waiting list, and a lot of our participants were struggling.

We are also thankful for My Journey CIC Nottingham, who transported our young people to and from Lutterworth every week for six months. Their reliable and kind team have added value to the journey.

Well done to all participants who completed the 12-week programme!