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Kieran’s Christmas Message to our staff

15 Dec 2021

Kieran has shared some thoughts and reflections with the staff team.


Dear All,

As we get ready to take well earned breaks, I just wanted to thank all of you for your hard work, passion, creativity and agility over the last year. As you all know it has been a tough twelve months and many of us have had to deal with family issues and pressures as we juggle stop start office/home working and home schooling. Yet despite these pressures, we really have “smashed it”. Since the beginning of July we have raised over one million pounds in new, core and continuation funding. We have won award after award, been featured on the news and invited to present our ideas to parliament and national enquires.

All of this grows out of the fact that week in week out we just kept delivering. If you look through our website, it is amazing just how much great work we have developed and delivered.

  • We have mobilised hundreds of business volunteers to support, young people and community groups.
  • We have enabled hundreds of young people to make sense of the issues they face and to start taking action to address them.
  • We have supported thousands of young people in schools to develop their soft and hard employability skills.
  • We have reached out across the city and county to a wonderful diversity of community groups and helped them develop their ability to support their communities.
  • We have delivered thousands of #BagsOfHope to people in danger of being left behind.
  • With young people we have produced books, podcasts, videos and art that have won international and national attention.
  • We enabled over one thousand professionals to attend our #BuildBackBetter webinars.
  • We have grown our social media following and used our platforms to raise awareness.
  • We developed our Power to Change model and won funding to take it forward
  • Our reflections and learning have been shared in Wales, Zimbabwe, America and Australia.
  • We have remained supportive of each other and welcomed new members into the team in a seamless manner.
  • We have ensured that throughout lockdown our staff our safe and our office systems and finances continue to run smoothly.

I could go on and on and apologies if I have missed out some work you are proud of, there really is too much great work to mention. What I really want to say is that by working together as a team and looking out for each other we have shown that times might be tough but we are tougher.

Our collective efforts really have made a difference to thousands of people across our city and county and helped turn despair into hope.

I am proud to be your CEO and I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful, creative and agile New Year!