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ITV News visits Leicestershire Cares’ Leaving Care project

29 Oct 2021

During National Care Leavers Week 2021, ITV Central visited Leicestershire Cares to speak to our care experienced young people about the support they received when they turned 18.

The news package also highlighted the help our business members give to a number of care experienced young people through our Care Leaver Business Volunteer Mentoring programme.

Turning 18 for care experienced young people can often be challenging, and young people sometimes do not know what they are entiled to in support. During National Care Leavers Week, a new comparison website has been launch for care leavers where they can see what every corporate parent is offering across the country. The site also carry’s information that can help care leavers and local authorities implement new or better provisions of support.

Care Leaver Offer Website:

Our work with care experienced young people

For more information about our work with care experienced young people, please contact Jacob Brown:

With thanks to Esmee Fairbairn for their support for our Care Experienced Young People's Programme.