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Hunstanton - A trip to the seaside

24 Aug 2023

We have been working collaboratively with our partners at the Freedom youth club for many years. Working alongside Azra, the Powering Up Project provided a range of opportunities for young people from asylum seeking and refugee backgrounds. We offer a range of support from employment and education workshops, sports activities and on this occasion we supported the group financially with their annual trip to the sea side.

For most of us a day at the beach is something we take for granted, however for those less fortunate these opportunities are extremely valuable and contribute to the wellbeing of young people going through difficult circumstances.

The boys still managed to play football even on the stoney Hunstanton beach.

Azra, Freedom Youth Club Manager

Our ethos at Leicestershire Care is centred on collaboration and our ability to work in partnership enables us to achieve many positive outcomes for the young people and communities we support. Its great to be able to support the community and put a smile on the faces of young people.

(2) Freedom Youth Club on X: "Our annual beach trip this year was to Hunstanton! We would like to say a big thank you to @LeicsCares for the support! The boys had a blast! 🌊🌞" / X (

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