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Health and Wellbeing Trips To Skegness

28 Sep 2021

We all like to be beside the seaside, but for many local charity groups, this was an experience they would never forget!

The Community Development team at Leicestershire Cares funded five diverse communities across Leicester an opportunity for a day trip to Skegness, taking over 275 people with 33 different nationalities consisting of children, young people, adults and elderly.

For most of them, this was their first experience of visiting a British beach.

They were all very excited and spent most of their time on the beach enjoying the sunshine with their friends and families.

Some of them also enjoyed a game of football with other local people on the beach joining in.

The group also learnt about the wind turbines in the sea and their purpose in generating energy whilst enjoying a picnic with homemade snacks and a delicious cup of Sudanese coffee.

This was the best experience I have had since being in the UK

I cried when I saw the beach for the first time. I was so overwhelmed

Because of financial hardship, I have never been able to take my children to the seaside so I cannot thank you enough for the chance to do this with my family

It was an absolute honour to enable the communities the opportunity to have a day trip to the beach to tackle social isolation and mental wellbeing. Receiving all the positive feedback and pictures was amazing

Neetu Squire Community Development Team