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Half Term- Empowerment Group for Young Women

7 Jun 2024

During the May half-term, we held another successful session for the empowerment group for young women. Our diverse group included 15 young people, featuring five girls who had recently moved from Ethiopia. The day provided an excellent opportunity to learn, interact, and have fun, culminating in a pizza party!

Sarah from the YP project at Freeva joined us to deliver a fantastic workshop on self-esteem and confidence, a crucial topic for today's youth especially amongst young girls.

Next, we were joined by Jaspreet and Carmen from DORCAS, who raised awareness about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Many of the young girls were unaware of the abuse associated with FGM, making this an important learning and advocacy opportunity.

We also welcomed Danielle from Nelson’s Law and Helen Kennedy from Leicester Police. Their presence and career journeys inspired many questions from the young girls and provided valuable insights into working in these fields as women.

I enjoy coming to these sessions as it's a fun day and always me to meet people I wouldn't usually interact with!

Young Person

In the afternoon, the much-loved Julie Cort led an energetic boxing session that got everyone on their feet.

The empowerment group session concluded with a pizza party and received excellent feedback from all attendees!

The empowerment group is on the rise, uniting a vibrant and diverse group of young women who are forging strong connections and discovering incredible insights about themselves and each other. Empowering themselves and other young women!

Don't miss out on the next session during the summer holidays! Keep an eye out for the upcoming poster and schedule details!

For more information or to get involved in the Empowerment Group for Young Women, please contact Krishna. - Project Development Officer - Powering Up Project