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Great new podcast series: Leicester Builds Back Better Stories

27 Sep 2021

Kieran our CEO was honoured to be asked to contribute to episode one of this great new podcast series from “Leicester Stories”

The Covid-19 pandemic, and Leicester’s extended lockdown, has got many people thinking about what happens next and how we get ready for the challenges of the future. Producer Rob Watson, has been chatting with people in Leicester over the summer about what they think building back better means, and what we may need to do if we’re to be ready to face the next set of dilemmas. Are slogans like ‘building back better’, ‘levelling up’ and ‘renew normal’ just slogans; or do they represent a practical set of changes that will positively affect the way that we live, work, learn and go about our lives?

It is great to be able to support and participate in a local initiative that is giving a voice to community groups, who have shown over the last 18 months they have a key role to play in tackling poverty. Hopefully this series will lead to more sharing and learning and help build bridges between the council, community and local business

Kieran Breen CEO Leicestershire Cares

Over the course of six programmes, the series will hear from people who are working to make sure we are ready to cope with the next set of challenges we’re likely to face as a community.

Catch episode one here