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Golden Hearts

3 Apr 2023

Last week Leicestershire Cares held our annual Spring Champions Lunch - a great networking opportunity for our business member champions, as well as a chance for our team and our champions to spend some time together celebrating their hard efforts and the positive impact of their volunteering.

We always give each project a chance to nominate a Golden Heart to one of our business volunteers, someone who has gone above and beyond to help and support their project. Below are the winners for this year:

Danielle from Nelsons was nominated by the Education team, and won because of her dedication to helping out at our education events. Tom McSwiggan from Stepnell was also nominated by our Education team and won for volunteering for the We Discover project in SEND schools and for helping out at interview technique sessions.

Jenny Hailes from Everard and Kelly West from HRBS were both nominated by our Powering Up Project for supporting a careers event for care experienced young people, and offering advice and insight to careers in their industry.

Tina Siena-Tomlinson from Thermo Fisher Scientific UK was nominated by or Community Development Team, in recognition of Tina’s outstanding contributions to the CD Team’s festive campaigns. Not only did she support all 3 campaigns, but Tina also went above and beyond in organising 4 different Festive Challenges, showing a real passion and commitment to ensuring no one in our communities is left behind during the holiday period. Her dedication and hard work is an example to us all.

Ian Mallabone ad Deana White from Nylacast were both nominated by our Violent Intervention Project for their active support in the project.

Well done to all our winners, and thank you for your on-going support in Leicestershire Cares. It is so inspiring to see so many individuals taking an active part in making positive changes to their community.