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Goal setting… the pathway to creating a new beginning

1 Mar 2022

It is often said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. During our goal setting session today, one of our participants was able to reflect on his experiences and began to visualize a brand-new future. Upon reflection, he identified and said that some of his friends were bad influences not by any criminal action, but by their lack of motivation to reach for anything better. He recognised that their lack of goals could have a negative impact on him if he allowed this to remain unaddressed.

During our session, this young person was able to identify short term ongoing goals, mid-term goals, and long-term goals. It was explained to him during his session with his VIP worker that goals are the pathway to creating a new beginning. During the session, the VIP participant was able to identify areas he would like to improve such as his mental health, his thinking, reading habits, and nutrition.

As 2022 unfolds, we urge you to set goals that inspire you to do better, to be better, to reach for better.

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Chikodi Oraka

Project Development Officer