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Everards begin sensory garden project

18 Mar 2024

On Tuesday 12th March, Everards Brewery gave their time and energy to complete the initial preparation work for the sensory garden they are creating at Holmfield Day Care Centre, which offers daily activities for dementia guests. The team of 3 came full of enthusiasm and energy, and immediately got to work preparing large planters, emptying and clearing a pond and general tidying of the different areas.

With the help of Refurbishment & Maintenance Services, who kindly supplied the stones and compost, along with 3 willing volunteers, the next step was to fill the containers ready for planting.

The teams worked tirelessly all morning, and successfully managed to get all the preparation completed.

The final creation of the sensory garden, including vegetables, flowers, and a revitalised pond will be completed later in the year.

Everards Brewery are committed to get involved in different project.... and understand the importance of things like this.

Everards volunteer

The service users will think this is wicked...they'll love to touch the plants and enjoy the smells and fresh air.

Holmfield Day Care Centre employee