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Education Employability Events Overview

2 Mar 2022

We have lots of exciting Education Employability events coming up this Spring. Here is a quick overview of each event and some information about what to speak about with the students. We have a range of different age groups and schools involved in these events. Please sign up and get involved if you can!

  • Speedy Speakers - are a short time commitment to volunteering with students, allowing you to share your career and industry expertise, providing young people with valuable knowledge and insight about the world of work. These talks are designed to be brief, as you would be talking after/before other volunteers from another business and would involve a 5-minute career talk followed by a little time for a Q&A session. Topics which may be useful to cover include your role and who you work for, how you got into your role/career, what route you took, what your main duties and responsibilities are, other roles in your organisation/sector, and any advice/tips for students to consider when thinking about careers.

  • Interview Technique - involves giving approximately 8 – 10 students a remote mock interview over one morning. Usually this involves a 15-minute interview and verbal feedback followed by 5 minutes of written feedback. An easy way to give back to young people and help them bridge the gap between school and the workplace. Students gain so much from these mock interviews as many of them have never experienced an interview before.

  • Guess my Job – students ask questions to a business volunteer to try and find out what their job is. This might include questions such as “where do you work?” “do you work with people?” “do you work in retail?” etc

  • Workplace Behaviours – the aim of this workshop is to give students an understanding of the behaviours that employers expect and value in the workplace (e.g., time keeping, communication, initiative etc). The volunteer’s role is to give a brief 10 minute talk about the behaviours that suit their workplace and take questions from students.

  • CV workshop - volunteers will do a short input at the start about what a CV is and what makes a good CV, and will work their way around the class providing support and advice to students as they work through their activities. Students will also have the chance at the end of the session to ask the volunteers any questions they have after doing the activities.

Please contact if you have any questions or you would like to get involved in one of these events.