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Easter Empowerment Group for Young Women

12 Apr 2024

The Empowerment Group for Young Women, part of The Powering Up Project funded by the Blagrave Trust, launched successfully at Leicestershire Cares in Summer 2023. Since then, we've conducted 13 sessions, including one at Leicester College earlier this year, supporting young women in the Launch Pad department collaborating with partners from Mental Health UK.

We recently organised an Easter session tailored for young women to engage in activities during their half-term break. The event was a great success, a significant turnout with several new participants. Together, we fostered an empowering environment where everyone collaborated enthusiastically. A total of 12 girls participated in various empowering activities, and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive.

Our aim is to unite young women, empowering them to harness their strength for mutual support and safety.

"It helped me gain new experiences and new friends. The topic raised about women's mental health and wellbeing were very useful and i hope that we get more of those types of topics"

Young Person

The group has provided a platform for young women to connect, forming enduring bonds and empowering relationships. We've been fortunate to involve business and community members like Julie Cort (Kickass Fitness), Sasha (Freedom4 Girls), Sharan (SHUSH Project), Indre (Artist), Kiera (Leicester Fire Service), and various business partners to enhance the project.

Our Empowerment Group for Young Women is committed to addressing pressing issues affecting them, such as sexual exploitation, mental health, and utilising art to expand their knowledge and support network. We recognise the importance of providing a safe space for discussions on these topics, offering resources, guidance, and empowerment to navigate through them. Through our sessions, we aim to raise awareness, provide education, and foster resilience among young women facing these challenges. By incorporating art as a tool for expression and exploration, we empower them to find their voices, build confidence, and develop coping mechanisms. It's crucial to us that we not only acknowledge these issues but actively work towards addressing and overcoming them, ensuring the well-being and empowerment of young women in our community.

"The group felt like a comfortable place to talk and be open"

Young Person

Moving forward, we aim to continue monthly sessions at Leicestershire Cares seeking input from our participants and professionals via a forthcoming survey. Keep an eye out for our survey and poster for details on the next session!

For more information or to get involved in the Empowerment Group for Young Women, please contact Krishna. - Project Development Officer - Powering Up Project