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CPW work experience raises the aspirations of VIP Participant

16 Nov 2022

Young people are often influenced by external influences such as their friends and family members. Depending on their unique circumstances, a young person can either be propelled to greatness by their family and friends or held back by their nearest and dearest.

As part of the interventions delivered to young people on the VIP project, we aim to help them identify their negative narratives, and provide them with the tools with which they can pursue their dreams. One method involved in doing this is to actively listen to, connect and identify the passions of young people. We also aim to provide them with the opportunity to get involved in work experience in different sectors to help them discover which industry and job role is best suited to them.

It went amazing, everyone is really nice and supportive. I learnt how to make drawings of buildings on the CAD software, it’s very interesting and I enjoyed it.


One of our VIP participants had a background in retail, but she expressed an interested in engineering and the sustainability of buildings. After exploring various options, we approached the director of CPW John Hauton, and he facilitated work experience for our VIP participant who had a positive experience.

John set me a task and I wanted to get the task done and I am very pleased about it. I tried my hardest this week and I really enjoyed myself. I want to thank you for this experience. It was amazing and I had a great time

VIP Participant

The aspirations of this VIP participant have been raised, and she is even more determined to follow a formal career path and do what it takes to create a better life for herself and future generations. We look forward to working more closely with CPW and the wider business community.

This piece of work was delivered through our VIP Project. The VIP Project incorporates Leicestershire Cares’ Power to Change model: Power within, Power with, and Power to in its delivery to ensure that nobody is left behind, and all children and young people are supported to reach their full potential.

For more information about the VIP Project click the link below:

VIP Project Development Manager

Chikodi Oraka