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Community Development Q3 update

11 Apr 2024

It has been another busy quarter for the team, getting out and about, meeting new community groups and collaborating to create new opportunities for business engagement across Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland.

Everards kindly started the creation of a sensory garden at Holmfield Day Care Centre, for the guests to use and enjoy. The preparation for this challenge was undertaken by 3 volunteers in March, the time being spent emptying large planters, and draining an existing pond. They then prepared and filled the planters with stones and compost ready for planting and completion of the project in May.

Currently, there are eleven challenges in progress, which were expected to be completed within the next quarter. These vary from small teams helping at food and clothing banks, or running craft and well-being sessions, to much larger groups giving their time and energy to gardening and painting projects.

We have been meeting with new community groups and charities across Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, as well as reconnecting with groups we have worked with in the past. These meetings have been very beneficial, and we are pleased to announce that several new opportunities have been agreed upon as a direct result. These included several food and clothing banks, which are already proving popular with businesses.

The team have also been to numerous events during this quarter and has liaised and built new relationships as a result.

Leicestershire Cares' annual Easter Eggstravaganza campaign was a great success, with 19 businesses getting involved, donating an incredible total of 1430 eggs, crafts and chocolate treats. The Community Development team have then distributed these to 27 different community groups and charities across the county.

Over the next quarter, we will continue to focus on completing team challenges, identifying new opportunities, and planning additional initiatives for 2024.

The team will also have its first steering group meeting, during which we aim to gather ideas and input from business members regarding future Team and Social Challenges. We will explore ways to make these challenges more accessible, relevant, and engaging.