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Careers Week at Willow Bank

11 Mar 2024

Last week we celebrated Careers Week, and on Thursday, March 7th, the Education Project organised an employment event at Willow Bank Hospital School, with the invaluable support of several volunteers. The Children’s Hospital School in Leicester stands as one of the oldest of its kind in the UK. Providing education for Key Stage 4 students (Years 10 & 11) who are medically unable to attend their own schools, Willow Bank Day School in Leicester fosters a nurturing and positive environment.

The School’s personalised approach to learning has impacted on the improvements in academic outcomes for those students who are disadvantaged or have additional needs

Head Teacher's Welcome - Children's Hospital School - Leicester (

During the event, we were fortunate to have seven volunteers from diverse businesses and professional backgrounds such as National Grid, the NHS, Sytner, DMU, Police, and Briggs of Burton. The event commenced with an assembly for all students, where our volunteers delivered brief presentations about their careers, shedding light on their current roles and the paths they took to get there. Following the presentations, mock interviews were conducted by our volunteers with the students.

I was there to support and them and raise the profile of a career in National Grid. However, I walked away with so much more for myself as well - a confidence boost, development of my own communication skills and the best bit, the feeling that I had seeing them bounce out of the interview with a smile in comparison to the way they walked in.

Volunteer Amy Ridyard, STEM Ambassador for National Grid

The recent Interview Techniques event at Willow Bank Hospital School in Leicester was a genuinely rewarding experience. It was encouraging to see a diverse group of students so engaged and enthusiastic about their future careers. As a volunteer with Leicestershire Cares, it was a pleasure to contribute to our local community and support these students in their career journeys.

Volunteer Sonia Ganatra, Senior Marketing Coordinator at Briggs of Burton

It was great being at Willow Bank school and to see how much the Teachers support their students to ensure that they receive the best education.

The Students were a pleasure to speak with and it was fun to find out about what they want to achieve for their futures.

Volunteer Jessica Kalar Recruitment Administrator at Sytner

If you would like to get involved with our Education Project and support an event like this, please contact Bella at