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Card Making for Cambridge & Counties Bank

22 May 2024

SoundCafe provides safe creative spaces for individuals who are homeless, have experienced homelessness, are at risk of homelessness, or are socially isolated and living in vulnerable housing. The organisation aims to enable these individuals to explore their creativity in a welcoming environment, regardless of their faith. SoundCafe's goal is to inspire those affected by homelessness or social isolation by offering safe creative spaces and access to services that promote their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Recently, a small group of volunteers from Cambridge & Counties Bank offered to give their time, energy and expertise to run an afternoon craft session for the guests. The volunteers supplied all material and used the time to instruct, assist and enable the guests to create wonderful hand made cards. The results were wonderful and everyone involved had a great afternoon.

Will you come again next week?

SoundCafe guest

On behalf of SoundCafe, Leicestershire Cares would like to thank the volunteers from Cambridge & Counties for providing an afternoon to remember.

We've had a wonderful afternoon, the ladies have been brilliant

SoundCafe volunteer

We've really enjoyed our afternoon and would love to come back again.

Cambridge & Counties Bank volunteer