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Brazilian dancing with Power to change project content creator group

19 Jun 2024

Learning an unfamiliar dance is more than just mastering steps and movements; it is about embracing a culture and its history. For LFR, (power to change project) the adventure of learning a Brazilian dance under the guidance of a seasoned dancer named Ora from South America was an unforgettable experience.


LFR (Power to change project) first met Ora at a community function at Leicester City football club. Aura, a Brazilian dance instructor from south America with years of experience, was highlighting a mesmerizing dance that instantly captivated the audience. With her graceful movements and infectious energy, she brought the vibrant spirit of Brazil to life. Intrigued and inspired, LFR approached her after the performance, eager to learn more.


The journey began with the basics. Ora introduced LFR to Rumba, a dance known for its sensual and romantic style. She explained that rumba is not just a dance but a storytelling medium, often depicting a tale of love and passion. The basic step required a fluid, continuous motion that seemed deceptively simple but demanding both coordination and a sense of rhythm.


Learning rumba was not without its challenges. LFR (Power to change project) initially struggled with the fluid motion and the need to maintain a continuous, graceful flow. "It’s flowing like water", Aura would remind patiently. Aura was patient and supportive, offering constructive feedback and constant encouragement. She believed that the key to mastering was perseverance and passion.

Never thought i would enjoy dancing so much 'BM'


LFR'S (Power to change project) journey into the Brazilian dance under Ora's mentorship was transformative. It highlighted the beauty of Brazilian culture and the joy that dance can bring. For anyone looking to explore an unfamiliar dance form, LFR's experience is a testament to the reward of stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing a new cultural adventure.

In the end always remember "THE HIPS DON'T LIE"

Written by Godwin Sowah (Power to change project participant)

Thanks to the #TNLF #PowerToChangeProject

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