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11 Oct 2023

MF joined the VIP Project in June 2023. MF attended a goal setting session and a CV session, along with various key working appointments. During these sessions, MF shared some of his personal life experiences as well as his keen interest in cars and car wrapping.

Given that MF has never worked, he was interested in engaging in work experience. In order to prepare MF for his future, he attended a C.V session, and he was invited to attend a C.V Clinic, Employability and Networking Day.

During the course of the day, MF attended a mock interview and engaged in a speed networking session. In the first session, he was interviewed by business professionals, and in the second part of the session, he was provided with the opportunity to ask them questions by means of a speed networking session.

MF also expressed his desire to pass his GCSE’s and based on the information he provided, a decision was made to apply for funding to Buttle UK. Based on MF’s circumstances and the information provided, additional funding was secured to support MF with obtaining counselling sessions, GCSE tuition, kick boxing classes, and purchase a laptop.

As MF is passionate about cars, there is currently an ongoing discussion with a local garage who is wiling to provide MF with work experience over the weekend. He is also currently attending podcasting sessions with another youth group within Leicestershire Cares to help him learn new skills and improve his communication skills.

MF is grateful for the funding which has been secured on his behalf and he looks forward to commencing his GCSE tuition and taking part in work experience.

I have learnt a lot from the sessions like team work, and friendship. The sessions with Aaron has helped me with recording. I also found the employability day useful. I learnt a lot about how to build a c.v from Jenny. Thank you for the funding, it is really helpful

MF 2023