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27 Mar 2024

T.B was referred to Leicestershire Cares (ETE) support as a participant in the VIP Project, aiming to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Despite his passion for designing and sewing, he lacked a clear direction on how to enter the field. In his spare time, T.B would craft various outfits and bags, showcasing his creativity and dedication.

During a goal-setting session, T.B expressed his dream of enrolling in a fashion course or working as a junior stylist to gain more experience. However, he lacked confidence in CV writing and interview skills.

To prepare T.B. for the world of work, we scheduled a CV session, During the CV formatting T.B identified transferable skills from his retail and customer service background that could be utilized in the fashion industry. Once his CV was formatted, T.B expressed his interest in applying for the Leicester College fashion course as a backup plan. We worked on his personal statement and submitted his application.

Motivated to enhance his employability skills and gain firsthand knowledge of the professional world, T.B attended one of our World of Work tours hosted by Hastings Direct, which provided him with valuable insights into the workplace. During the tour, T.B actively participated in a group activity and gained valuable insights into how to effectively answer interview questions. His performance impressed Hastings Direct, showcasing his readiness to excel in professional settings. Reflecting on the experience, T.B expressed his intention to apply these newfound insights in future job applications and interviews.

Through participation in our CV workshop and mock interviews, and employability events T.B actively embraced networking opportunities, such as the Hope Hack event. Where, he connected with organisations like the Focus Group and a musical youth group, both of which are now supporting T.B in launching his own fashion project. dedicated to empowering young people who aspire to pursue careers in the arts and fashion .

T.B's journey reflects determination and growth. From initially lacking direction to actively pursuing opportunities, he has demonstrated resilience and commitment. Through employability sessions , networking events, and personal projects, T.B has honed his skills and now aims to empower others in the arts and fashion field. His story exemplifies the transformative power of passion and perseverance.

“Very grateful for what I learnt whilst being on the VIP project, I am looking forward to using the skills I have learnt to help other young people

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