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8 Jul 2024

I am pleased to confirm that R.B. was in attendance each day. He was friendly and well-engaged throughout and, despite a slight tendency to hide in his hoodie when I was looking for volunteers, he took part in all of the activities and discussion topics that we held 😊
His work was of a high standard, conscientious and well-written and he seemed to take genuine care in making sure that his answers met the appropriate requirements. I would like to offer him my best wishes for the future and my hope that he succeeds in his goals in finding work and becoming financially secure.

R.B. was referred to Leicestershire Cares for ETE support as a participant in the Phoenix programme. R.B. was very quiet and reserved during his initial assessment and he attended the session with his girlfriend who was heavily pregnant. R.B. explained that he was keen to change his life so that he could be a good Father and provide for his child and the mother of his child.

R.B. advised that he currently works as a labourer, but he was keen to obtain qualifications so that he could obtain more stable employment. We identified a forklift course and discussed this with R.B. We submitted the application and whilst waiting for a response, R.B. was booked in for a C.V session.

During the C.V. session, R.B. made comparisons between a properly written C.V. and one that was written incorrectly. R.B. was taught how to structure his C.V. as well as the importance of using more formal language when writing.

Given R.B.’s previous experience in the justice system, it was necessary to educate him on the law as it relates to disclosing convictions. He was subsequently invited to a disclosure session where we talked about the different types of DBS’ that can be conducted by an employer. R.B. was also provided with a sample disclosure statement and he advised that he would work on crafting his disclosure statement in his own time.

In order to secure a place on the forklift course, R.B. was required to undertake an online Maths and English assessment. The course providers advised that R.B. completed both assessments promptly and to a high standard. R.B. was subsequently offered a place on the course. He attended the course with great dedication, actively took part, and successfully secured his qualification.

R.B. is a testament to the fact that with a made-up mind and the right level of wrap-around support, it is possible to effect change in the lives of young people.

“I have no problem or issues coming here as it is very beneficial and without it I would be in a bit of a loop with a lot, we Also sent off to unlock to see if any of my convictions are spent or unspent but like I said there no negative coming here at all and I’m grateful for all the help you give me

I found it a little challenging with trying the first interview but you made it easy and explained to me more about what to say with the STAR process you also rang the Portland Forklift to get my date changed and yeah you did nothing but help me