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8 Jul 2024

C.S. was referred to Leicestershire Cares for ETE support as a participant in the Phoenix programme. C.S was recently released from prison a month prior to his initial assessment. However, C.S. was highly motivated to turn his life around and aspired to enter the construction industry.

Driven to make significant changes in his life, C.S. attended a goal-setting session at Leicestershire Cares. During this session, he identified several areas for improvement, with a particular focus on education. C.S. prioritized obtaining his English and Maths qualifications and acquiring his CSCS card.

To prepare for the CSCS course, C.S. needed a CV, which he did not have. We booked him in for a CV-building session. During his first experience creating a CV, C.S. was taught how to utilise the CV Builder toolkit. C.S. learned what should and should not be included in a CV. He discovered that he had acquired various qualifications during his time in prison, such as music production, painting, and decorating, and ICT. These qualifications were incorporated into his CV, boosting his confidence as he moved closer to enrolling in the CSCS course.

When his CV was completed, C.S. applied for the CSCS course. C.S. was determined to join the earliest cohort, he submitted his application and was later accepted into the course. Thrilled by this progress, C.S. was eager to obtain his CSCS card.

C.S. was made aware of the importance of punctuality for the course, and this motivated C.S. to work on fixing his morning habits. We helped him plan his journey and establish a routine, underscoring the significance of time management.

C.S successfully completed the CSCS course and earning a Level 1 CSCS green card. This marked a significant milestone for C.S., demonstrating that with the right support and dedication, substantial personal, and professional progress is achievable.