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27 Mar 2024

B.M was referred to the Phoenix Programme in August 2023 for support with career guidance. BM attended a goal-setting session and a CV session, along with various key working appointments. During these sessions, BM was able to clarify his goals and identify the areas he would like to develop in the future.

During the goal-setting session, B.M received insight into the importance of thinking about savings and investments at an early age. He was provided with guidance to enable him utilize his earnings wisely. B.M was also encouraged to create a plan on how to spend some money and create a habit of saving for long-term assets like property. B.M later advised that he now has a goal to start saving a proportion of his earnings from his job at McDonald’s to purchase a flat in future.

B.M was shown how to apply for jobs and apprenticeships on the relevant government website. Overtime, B.M was invited for an interview with an organisation called New Media for a customer service role. He attended an interview preparation session. B.M was taught how to review the website of prospective employers. To assist his performance, he was also asked standard interview questions and provided with feedback. B.M was urged to think about his transferable skills and an explanation was provided on how those skills can be used in an interview setting.

B.M also attended a mentoring session and during this session, he was able to identify that he would like to explore a career in engineering. He attended another course search session where an application was submitted to North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College. The college advised that they could support him to obtain his Maths and English functional skills alongside his chosen engineering course.

To expand B.M.’s opportunities, he has confirmed that he would like to learn how to drive. B.M consistently prepared and successfully passed his theory test, and he is currently practicing for his practical driving test. B.M also confirmed that he has a place reserved to commence in September at North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College. In the meantime, we will continue exploring other options for apprenticeships. If he does not obtain an apprenticeship by September, then he will commence his course in September.

I would like to start saving £500 a month so that I can buy a flat in the future. I am currently saving for a trip to America with my Dad and brothers

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